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Solid wood flooring

You can only get a genuine wood feeling from a solid wood floor. Now you can make the floor yourself.


If you want to produce wood flooring of the highest class there are two unsolved problems:

  • Wood flooring has to be dried down to a moisture level of 6-8 percent. Air drying takes a long time and the lumber can get warped and crack.
  • Today there is no good small-scale method for rationally producing tongue and groove on the ends of the flooring boards.


Here are the news from Logosol that solve the problems!


Logosols unique system for end T&G

Fence with clamps and molding knives for producing end tongue and groove in a vertical milling machine. The milling machine should have a carriage, like Logosol MF30. Put two boards together so that the top sides meet. Then you mill both simultaneously, and you get the exact same result each time. The knife also makes the edges beveled. The fence with clamps will start being manufactured during the spring 2009. Here is everything you need for flooring:

Article no Product
TB90-92S Safety cutter
7100-001-0201 Pair of safety knives for end T&G
7100-001-0195 Fence for end milling
7100-001-0200 Side clamp


The Sauno kiln

It dries the lumber using high temperature and steam, exactly as the compartment kilns at the large sawmills. The method is also called relax drying. The Sauno kiln is a well-tried construction that has been on the market for almost 20 years.


Article no Product
6200-000-0003 Sauno VT3, 2 kW
6200-000-0005 Sauno VT5, 4 kW





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