Tormek, the best at grinding in the world

One day in 1973, Torgny Jansson had a brainwave when he was turning a grindstone for his father Erik.
"There must be another way of doing this," this carpentry interested and technically accomplished man thought, who was then a constructor at SSAB in Stråssa in Sweden.
Today, he is the owner and CEO of Tormek AB in Lindesberg, world-leading in the field of water-cooled grinding. Tormek sells its machines to retailers in the whole of Europe, America, South Africa, Australia and Canada. In Sweden, the machines are sold by Logosol, amongst others.




Håkan Persson, vice-president and marketing manager, is sharpening a planer knife using the jig SVH-320.



Torgny Jansson, constructor, CEO and owner of the company.

"Every one who has learnt to appreciate and understand the importance of having sharp tools is our customer," says Håkan Persson, vice-president and marketing manager.
Tormek has attracted much attention all over the world. A periodical rack is filled with special magazines for non-professional carpenters and other magazines, which in different articles praise Tormek to the skies.
The first water-cooled grinding machine that Torgny Jansson designed, was run by an electric drill. It was a success, and Luna, the biggest tool wholesaler in Sweden, bought 100 grinders. The constructor and his father produced the grinders in their spare time, in their home in Storvik.


Since then, the product development has unceasingly continued. The breakthrough came with the universal support, which makes it possible to fit jigs to the machine and then sharpen different tools. Today, Tormek’s jig system includes twelve jigs, enabling you to sharpen e.g. planer knives, moulding knives and other types of cutting tools, with a perfect result and full control. Through the cooperation with Mattias Byström at Logosol, the jig for moulding knives was designed. Now, the next generation of water-cooled grinding machines is on the market, Tormek T-7 with two patent pending solutions, which is a product of such quality that the company takes the risk of giving a seven-year warranty.
Tormek, which develops the products, buys the components and markets the products, has 16 employees. The subcontractors are mainly Swedish companies.


"We are very experienced in the sharpening business," says Pontus Gyllby, responsible for the Nordic market. "Today, we offer a complete solution to sharpening, which includes a grinding machine, grinder jigs, accessories and knowledge.
Tormek holds its own in the competition. "This is due to the quality and continuous development of the products. Most of those who bought a water-cooled grinding machine from Tormek 20 years ago still use it today and supplement it with the latest innovations of jigs and accessories. It is our high-quality and well-functioning machines that make us the best," Håkan Persson states.
If you choose to buy a Tormek you will get value for your money, is the philosophy of the company. And you will also receive a good handbook. It is written by Torgny Jansson, and is every year published in a revised edition of 20 000 copies in six different languages!
"I could never have guessed that my idea by the grindstone would lead to this," Torgny Jansson says. But the demands are great, considering all the dull knives and tools there are in the world.

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