Mid-extension M7 0.5 m – Logosol’s most misunderstood product!



Guide lines:
* If you are going to saw logs that are over 7 m (23 ft) long, use a 2 m extension with an additional log bed.
* If you are going to saw logs that are 8.5 m (28 ft) long, use a 2 m extension with an additional log bed, two mid-extensions, and two 0.5 m guide rail extensions.
* If you want to increase the precision, also use the new X550.



Mid-extension  0.5 m
Art.nr: 4507-000-0500
Guide rail extension 0.5 m
Art.nr: 4507-000-0600
2 m extension with log bed
Art.nr: 4507-000-2000
Cross support X550 HD (New)
Art.nr: 4500-070-2000


Why buy a 0.5 metre mid-extension, when an ordinary 0.5 metre extension only costs half as much?

The Logosol Sawmill is designed to cut logs that are 4.5-5 m (15-16 ft) long. Of course, you can cut both longer and shorter logs, but in its standard version it is optimized for that log length.

In Russia logs are in most cases cut into lengths of 5.5-6 m (18-20 ft). To offer a well adjusted sawmill that is suited for these lengths, the distance between the log beds must be increased from 2 m to 2.5 m (6.5 to 8 ft). At the same time, the guide rail is extended with 0.5 m (1.6 ft) on each end. This way you get a 7 m (23 ft) long sawmill on which the log lies well balanced with minimal sagging.

It is probably the name of the product that confuses customers. It should not be called extension. Spread-the-log beds-apart-device would be a more appropriate name but that would, of course, be difficult to say every time you talk about the product. The mid-extension is, accordingly, more of an adjuster of the distance between the log beds than an extension for the guide rail.


Significantly better sawing results when used together with other rail extensions

As soon as the sawmill is extended on its ends, the distance between the log beds has to be increased. Consequently, everyone who has extended the ends of the sawmill should also have a mid-extension. The difference you get when it comes to improved precision and facilitated operation of the sawmill is bigger than you think.

The mid-extension consists of three parts: extension of the guide rail, extension of the adjusting strut and extension of the cross beam. The joints are very strong and do not affect the stability or the strength of the sawmill.



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